Turner & Hooch might have inspired our pup’s next Halloween costume

Turner & Hooch "The Fur-gitive" (Disney/Eric Milner)
Turner & Hooch "The Fur-gitive" (Disney/Eric Milner) /

When we tuned in to watch the sixth episode of Turner & Hooch, “The Fur-gitive,” we knew we were in for some action and police work. What we didn’t expect was to get inspiration for our dog’s Halloween costume.

That’s right, we are now slightly obsessed with the costume that Hooch rocked at the very start of this particular episode of Turner & Hooch. And it may have only been a brief glimpse, but it was enough.

So what exactly is the costume that Hooch rocked in “The Fur-gitive?” It was an avocado!

Turner & Hooch turns our resident K9 officer into an avocado

It seems that the town that the Turners live in host an avocado festival of sorts every year. And Scott Turner Sr. was apparently one of the biggest fans of this particular festival. In honor of Turner Sr.’s death and memory, it seems that the family is going all out to make this year as special as ever. And that means a Hoo-vocado is part of the celebration.

We loved even the tiniest glimpse of Hooch in his avocado costume and honestly, we totally want to see the pup rocking that look again. Maybe we will actually get to see the avocado festival in action and that will be our next look at the Hoo-vocado. And we are definitely hoping for this because we need Halloween costume inspiration for our pups.

With Halloween fast approaching, we need to get prepared for our pups to have some fun. In fact, our staff pup was even looking for a costume this week (and while we definitely need to consider the avocado costume as a back up, for now she is heading out as a pumpkin).

We really enjoyed the sixth episode of Turner & Hooch, and after seeing Hooch in his avocado costume, we realized that this series is about to inspire a lot of us to Guac up our pups.

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What did you think of “The Fur-gitive?” Did you pay attention to Hooch in costume? What did you think? We want to know.