Funko POP is giving us a collection of Dug Days POPs

Dug Days, image courtesy Disney
Dug Days, image courtesy Disney /

The Dug Days are coming and just in time for Disney Plus to drop the shorts on their streaming service, Funko has given us some POPs that we need to have in our collection.

Available through Hot Topic, Funko has given us five new POPs to collect based on the new series of Dug Days shorts. And not only did we get multiple Dugs we can collect, but there is even a Russell POP and a Carl POP.

For fans of UP! and these characters, not only do we get a new series of adventures, but now we have new collectibles as well. And yes, we are here for all five of these cuties.

Funko releases five Dug Days POPs via Hot Topic

So what are the five POPs?

Currently, these five adorable Funko POP! vinyl figures are only available through pre-order. Each of the POPs (even the duo that includes the squirrel) has a price tag of $12.50, which actually makes them pretty affordable, even if you want all five. The earliest these figures will be available is Oct. 9, and that means we can either pre-order now or head on over to Hot Topic towards the middle of October!

We are obsessed with these new POP! vinyl figures and can’t wait to get our hands on at least one of these Dug Days Funkos.

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Are you excited for this new collection of shorts? Will you be collecting these Funko POP! figures? Which one is at the top of your list? Let us know in the comments.