Dug Days shorts are coming to Disney Plus in September

Dug Days, image courtesy Disney
Dug Days, image courtesy Disney /

It’s time for the Dug Days of summer! Or is that the dog days? Well in September, Disney Plus is giving us all new Pixar shorts inspired by the movie UP!

And of course, with Dug as part of the focus of the new series of shorts, it just makes sense that it would be called Dug Days. So what exactly can we expect from this new Disney Plus series?

According to the Disney media site, it seems that these shorts will follow the adventures and misadventures of one of our favorite Disney dogs, Dug. These adventures (if you will), will all take place in Dug’s own backyard. And we quickly realize that this backyard is also Carl‘s backyard.

Of course, the big thing we have to know is that much of this story is told from Dug’s perspective or through his eyes. This should definitely keep things interesting.

Dug from UP is getting his very own series of shorts called Dug Days on Disney Plus

In the trailer for Dug Days which was released on August 26, not only do we get to see Dug playing with his toys, which is an impressive collection by the way, but we also see him contending with a squirrel (of course) and even getting into trouble for digging up flowers in the backyard. And when it comes to those flowers, there is even a bit of confusion thanks to the word dug (which is also Dug’s name so the confusion makes sense).

Honestly, this trailer doesn’t give a lot away, but that makes sense since this is a series of shorts. And we don’t really want the trailer to give too much away because we want to enjoy everything when it drops on September 1. As an added bonus, it seems that the entire collection of Dug Days shorts will drop for streaming at once so we can binge watch all the Dug at once.

Check out the trailer for Dug Days below:

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What do you think of this trailer for Dug Days on Disney Plus? Are you excited for more stories about Dug, Russell, and Carl? What do you hope to see in this series of shorts? Let us know in the comments below.