The new Chewy and Disney collaboration means our pups are even getting a chance to enjoy Disney Doggy Donuts

Chewy Eats Disney Doggy Donuts. Image Courtesy of Chewy
Chewy Eats Disney Doggy Donuts. Image Courtesy of Chewy /

When it comes to spoiling our pups, there are two brands we turn to – Chewy and Disney. And now these two have come together for an epic collaboration that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

However, while we are all about the dog toys and goodies that let us spoil our pup with everything from beds, collars, and toys inspired by Star Wars, Disney, and Pixar, we are really all about the latest recipe drop inspired by this collab.

Over the last few years, we have turned to Chewy to not only sell us delicious treats for our pups, but also show us how to make them as well. And now they are giving us an epic recipe for Disney Doggy Donuts. (Leave off the toppings and these are even human-edible, if not exactly the most delicious donuts we have ever eaten in our lives.)

If you want to watch the creative bakers over at Chewy whip up these Disney-inspired Doggy Donuts, they have shared a video on their YouTube channel, which walks you through the process. Of course, you can always just follow the recipe at the end of this article as well. Either way, we are pretty excited about this new treat recipe.

Disney Donut and Cupcake Toys. Image Courtesy of Chewy /

Chewy and Disney collaborate on an epic collection that inspires a new Doggy Treat Recipe

We love how easy this recipe actually is and the fact that the ingredients list is not so wild that we wouldn’t be able to get our hands on everything we need. Among the base ingredients needed for this Disney Doggy Donut are whole wheat flour, eggs, baking powder, a ripe banana, old fashioned oats, nonfat plain Greek yogurt, peanut butter, strawberries and water. (Some of these ingredients are specific to the frosting itself.)

And for the not so human-friendly portion of the recipe? They recommend using Pupperoni Sticks and Beggin’ Strips as part of the decorations.

Maybe it is me, but I am so excited about the launch of the new Chewy x Disney collab that I want to whip up a batch of the Doggy Donuts even before the good stuff arrives. After all, we can always count down the days until our order of goodies arrive with the help of a Doggy Donut.

Check out the Disney Doggy Donut Recipe card below:

Chewy Eats Disney Doggy Donuts. Image Courtesy of Chewy /

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What do you think of this recipe? Will you be trying this donut out on your pup? Are you as excited for the new Disney collection from Chewy as we are? Tell us what you think in the comments below.