Can dogs eat raw eggs?

Ollie dog food. Image courtesy Ollie
Ollie dog food. Image courtesy Ollie /

Before we feed our dogs anything new, it’s always smart to check (and then double check) if their bellies can handle it, the recommended portion side, and if it should be raw, cooked, etc. So if you’re here to learn about how to best give your pup raw eggs, you’ve come to the right place!

Dogs are always down to eat just about anything! I have yet to meet a pup who will turn anything down. All “hooman” foods are foods in the eyes of our four-legged pals.

This is why it’s so important to protect them, keep trash away from them when leaving our pups unattended, and not feed them what we are eating. Even foods one may consider healthy are not okay for our dogs to have.

In this article, we discuss raw eggs. We know of their nutritional value cooked and boiled, but do dogs get the same benefits? What about raw?

Are raw eggs safe for dogs?

This is a big, fat NO.

Please do not ever feed your dog raw eggs. As PetMD sites that, while cooked or hard-boiled eggs are safe and even good for dogs, they can’t and should not consume raw eggs.

Properly cooked eggs can even be enjoyed by puppies, their bodies will love soaking up all the nutrition, but not raw.

The source shares that, just like a human would, giving a dog raw eggs can cause a Salmonella infection. This can result in vomiting and diarrhea or worse, depending on your dog and the amount of raw eggs consumed. Bacteria can also hurt your dog in other ways.

Contact your vet if you have any questions. The American Kennel Club also warns that some pups may be allergic to eggs, so feed them a small amount, first.

Pumpkin and bananas, however, are safe for your pet, in moderation.

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