Full Moon Pet treats are your pups new favorite!

Full Moon Pet treats, photo courtesy Full Moon Pet
Full Moon Pet treats, photo courtesy Full Moon Pet /

There’s so much to love Full Moon Pet that after you learn about the brand, you won’t be wanting to go back to any other! Meet your doggos best foodie friend, Full Moon Pet.

Earlier this month, Full Moon Pet sent a lovely package our way that included of the brand’s various doggie treats and even some swag for my pup, Sunny. But what matters most are the flavor and ingredients, right? Because, at the end of the day, it all comes down to what we’re feeding our pet and whether or no or pup likes the treats.

That said, I was quick to put these treats to the test, and Sunny was eager! As soon as I opened a bag, she was all over it sniffing around. Sunny just knew her taste buds were in for a good time.

Let’s learn more about the brand and get Sunny’s first thoughts.

What Full Moon Pet stands for

Full Moon Pet believes that dogs deserve food that is just as good as what we eat, and here at Dog O’ Day we couldn’t agree more! We want our doggos to have the best of the best. This is why the brand uses human-grade ingredients such as real chicken breast, rosemary, and even blueberries. In other words, only the best! There are no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

The brand promises that we’ll notice the difference in these treats  the moment we open the bag, and they’re not wrong! It doesn’t take an expert to see the difference, these treats are not like any others.

I also love that these treats were made in the USA!

Full Moon Pet treats, photo courtesy Full Moon PetFull Moon Pet treats, photo courtesy Full Moon Pet
Full Moon Pet treats, photo courtesy Full Moon Pet /

Do dogs love Full Moon Pet treats?

How can doggos not love real ingredients? It’s essentially what they beg us to give them when we’re around the table. And Sunny loves these! She’s still a puppy so the training treats have been great for continuing her training.

Her favorite, though, are the jerky tenders and the pork jerky treats! Whenever I have to run an errand, I always leave her with a couple of these and I feel so much better because I know she wouldn’t rather be anywhere else!

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Shop for Full Moon Pet HERE, treats start at $6.99.