Is it safe for dogs to eat eggs?

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I’m sure we’ve all had our dogs beg for some of our breakfasts, including eggs and bacon. But, is it safe for dogs to eat eggs? Let’s read to find out!

If you’ve ever decided to cook yourself a nice gourmet breakfast of bacon and eggs in the morning, I’m sure, if you’ve got a dog, that they’ve been right by your side during the entire process, just waiting in wonder for some to go ahead and drop on the floor during the cooking process!

Are eggs actually safe for our pups to eat? Raw or cooked? What about the shells? Cholesterol? How often?

All of these questions will certainly be answered down below to solve the mystery!

Can dogs eat eggs/are they good for dogs?

In short, yes and yes. Eggs are totally safe for dogs to eat and certainly filled with proteins galore! In addition, eggs contain good sources of Linoleic Acid and fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A. All of these ingredients are good for your dog’s coats as well!

1. Are raw eggs bad for dogs?

Dogs should never eat raw or undercooked eggs, and neither should we for that matter. Doing so, obviously speaking. is a source of Salmonella which we wouldn’t want to give to our precious pups.

2. Are the egg shells actually nutritious for dogs?

While egg shells do contain some good and well sources of calcium and phosphorous, there are certainly many other ways to give your dogs this other than grinding up some good ol’ egg shells of course. How about trying to talk to your pup’s vet to get some needed supplements if needed?!

3. Is cholesterol in eggs bad for your dogs?

Don’t worry about this one bit for your dogs! Don’t fret! In fact, according to some good research, “Cholesterol doesn’t have the same effect in dogs as it is does in humans”.

4. Can dogs eat an egg a day (to keep the doctor away)?

Sure, dogs can eat a little bit of egg each day, but still feed them eggs as you would any other form of treat: in moderation, of course (humans can learn from this as well). This will add for a complete and balanced meal for you and your pups alike!

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Do your dogs enjoy eating eggs and bacon? Let us know their favorite (safe) human food down in the comments below! Woof, Woof! And eat up, Pups!