Beagle shaped Bed and Breakfast is our idea of a perfect getaway

If you’re a dog lover looking for a unique getaway, have no fear because there is a beagle shaped Bed and Breakfast in Idaho calling our names.

When it comes to planning a mini vacation, time away from home, or just an interesting excursion, we often want to experience something unique. And as dog lovers, there is something to be said for finding a bed and breakfast that is actually shaped like a giant beagle.

In Cottonwood, Idaho there is a very special destination called the Dog Bark Park Inn. This conveniently located stop features a gift shop for people looking to find carved wooden dogs and other souvenirs. But, it is the giant beagle shaped Bed and Breakfast that is the true star of the show.

Originally opened in 2003, the Dog Bark Park Inn features a special guest suite with two bedrooms and a bathroom inside the body of the beagle. This means that there is only room for one reservation at a time, but just think about how magical it would be to get an entire doggy shaped building to yourself.

The beagle who is known as “Sweet Willy” has a bedroom in the nose of the dog. And this is truly all about unplugging from the world as there are no televisions or phones in the inn.

On top of the main beagle, there is also a sculpture garden that includes a smaller beagle named Toby, as well as a giant fire hydrant that is an actual portable bathroom.

According to My Modern Met, the Dog Bark Park Inn is a true destination location, as they have even won a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor back in 2016. And considering the breakfast portion of the Bed and Breakfast is said to be top-notch thanks to some secret family recipes, we understand the appeal of this getaway.

Honestly, we just love the idea of sleeping in an inn shaped like a giant beagle. Everything else is a bonus.

This is honestly one of the cutest things we have seen in a while in terms of vacationing done right, and we are living for this magic.

What do you think of spending a night in a giant beagle? Have you heard of the Dog Bark Park Inn before? Tell us what you think in the comments.