No Krypto sightings in Titans episode 4 leaves us wondering how the pup is handling that death

"Barbara Gordon." Titans season 3. Courtesy of Warner Media.
"Barbara Gordon." Titans season 3. Courtesy of Warner Media. /

Hank is gone. Dawn’s heading to Europe. The Titans feel fractured in new ways and the one being that truly knows what Hank’s last moments were like is missing in action.

In episode 4 of Titans Season 3, “Blackfire,” there is one character that seems conspicuous in their absence. Instead of giving us even a brief glimpse of Krypto the Superdog, the series decided to focus solely on the humans (or aliens) of the show. And that means we never actually get to see how our super pup is handling the death of a fellow Titan.

The reason this feels significant, at least in our doggy loving minds, is that Krypto is the only member of the Titans who was actually with Hank until the bitter end. In fact, that final scene where Krypto walks out of the flames and licks at Conner’s hand is one that is hard to forget. So why didn’t we get to see even a little bit of our resident Superdog? And of course, no one mentioned the pup either.

Titans missed an opportunity to give Krypto a new spotlight following Hank’s death

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We know that the focus of the episode was as much on how the rest of the Titans were dealing with Hank’s death and Jason/Red Hood’s hand in making that happen, as it was on pushing the story forward in terms of Kory’s visions (and attacks on Gar) and dealing with Red Hood. But considering we just lost a major member of the team, it would have been nice to see how every single member was handling this (not just the humans). Even if all we got was Krypto offering Conner some comfort, it would have been nice.

However, this was still an interesting episode. We got a reminder that the team still isn’t giving Gar the respect he deserves, even if some of that anger revolved around grief, while other issues stem from Kory basically being possessed by her sister.

We saw Dick make a stupid decision that will likely get him in a lot more trouble than just getting shot. And we also learned the truth of who trained Jason to take up the mantle of Red Hood.

The fact that Krypto was missing was something we definitely noticed, but in some ways was overshadowed by everything else that transpired.

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But what do you think fellow Titans fans? Did you notice Krypto’s absence too? What did you think of this episode? Let us know.