Krypto proves he is a very good dog in Titans Season 3 premiere

"Barbara Gordon." Titans season 3. Courtesy of Warner Media.
"Barbara Gordon." Titans season 3. Courtesy of Warner Media. /

The Titans are officially back in action on HBO Max for their third season. And it looks like Krypto is actually in the thick of things for a change.

While the preview for Season 3 did not really give us any insight into how Conner and Krypto would fit into the story, we did get a glimpse of them. But in the premiere episode titled “Barbara Gordon,” we actually saw so much more of them than we expected.

In fact, it seems like we finally have a cohesive team when it comes to our Titans. With Nightwing, Beast Boy, Superboy, Superdog, and Koriand’r working as an actual unit in San Francisco, we get to see what it is like for these heroes to work together. And it was amazing.

But the real star and hero of the show (or at the very least the opening of the Season 3 premiere) has to be Krypto the Superdog. Even Dick Grayson let him know he was a good boy!

Krypto is a very good boy in Titans Season 3 premiere

Not only did Krypto actually help to protect Beast Boy from getting shot by the bad guys, but he also used his super bark to help the team apprehend the leader of the bad guys. Basically, he was a really good boy.

And this is what we have been waiting for. We have wanted to see Krypto the Superdog shine since it was first revealed that he would be a part of the Titans. Now it is clearly his time to show the world and his team that he has their back.

We will take whatever we can get when it comes to Krypto and Conner (and Beast Boy if we are being honest), but this opening scene was everything we could have hoped for and more.

Now we just have to head into episode two in order to see how the team utilizes the gifts of Krypto and the rest of the Titans with Dick/Nightwing in Gotham trying to figure out what Jason/Robin was up to before his murder at the hands of the Joker.

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What did you think of this episode of Titans on HBO Max? Were you excited to see Krypto in action alongside the rest of the team? Let us know your thoughts on the Season 3 premiere.