Titans new trailer finally gives us a real look at Krypto the Superdog and we can’t wait for Season 2 now

Photo: Titans title key art. Photo Courtesy DC Universe via Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Photo: Titans title key art. Photo Courtesy DC Universe via Warner Bros. Television Distribution /

We finally have our first look at Season 2 of Titans and with it comes our first real look at our favorite canine sidekick, Krypto the Superdog.

The first trailer for Season 2 of Titans has finally been released, and now we know for a fact that Krypto the Superdog will definitely be a part of the team. And while we had an idea this would happen based on the Season 1 end credits scene, the fact that the new trailer is confirming Krypto’s arrival is news comic fans and dog lovers can all appreciate.

Of all the members of the team, Krypto is perhaps one of our favorites for obvious reasons. Not only because he is a dog, but also because he is an actual superhero. This is no ordinary dog, obviously, and with many of the same abilities as someone like Superman or Superboy, he really is a superdog.

Considering Superboy is set to be a part of the Titans in the upcoming season, we can’t wait to see how involved Krypto actually is in the overall storyline of the season. Although we only got to see him make what was essentially a cameo appearance in the trailer for Season 2, it was enough to make it clear he really is a part of the action this time around.

While much of the focus in the new trailer for Titans Season 2 rested squarely on the team and how they have come together after the events of the first season, it will be interesting to see how new members of the team and new villains have an impact on the story. We can’t wait to see Superboy and Superdog make their appearance in the mix, especially considering the team already has one superhero who can actually change into an animal.

As a fan of Titans and their entire mythology, I am excited to see the team expand with new members. And I certainly can’t wait to see how Krytpo is included as a member of the team. Perhaps he and Beast Boy will be able to work together and understand each other in a way that the rest of the team cannot.

While Krypto doesn’t necessarily need a costume like the rest of the team, it would certainly pay homage to the comics and earlier variations of the character if the team happened to find him his very own cape.

Honestly, we can’t wait to see how Titans incorporates their new canine companion into the mix, especially considering he was clearly being held captive as an experiment alongside Superboy. It should be interesting to see how that particular storyline plays out over the course of the season as well.

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What are you excited for in Season 2 of Titans? How do you want to see the series incorporate Krypto into the storyline? What are your thoughts about the trailer? Tell us what you think in the comments.