Turner & Hooch helped to save the Olympics committee in second episode

Turner and Hooch - “A Good Day to Dog Hard” (Disney/Farah Nosh)
Turner and Hooch - “A Good Day to Dog Hard” (Disney/Farah Nosh) /

Timing is everything and Turner & Hooch has their timing right!

In the second episode of the new Turner & Hooch series on Disney+, we really got a chance to see the start of a new partnership. Scott Turner has a new work partner. Too bad this partner is a dog who doesn’t listen to him at all.

At this point, the relationship between Scott and Hooch is not the best. Hooch doesn’t listen to Scott at all and Scott doesn’t really try to understand his new dog. As someone who grew up with dogs, you would think that Scott would have a better understanding of how to work with them and even find a way to connect.

However episode 2, “A Good Day to Dog Hard,” isn’t really about the relationship between Turner & Hooch, so much as it is seeing them on a new case. And this case revolves around the Olympics committee. Considering the actual Olympics are taking place in Tokyo as this episode premiered, it feels like the timing is just right on this story.

The Olympics play a unique role in episode 2 of Turner & Hooch

There are moments in this episode where the cringe is real, but there was something about seeing Scott and Hooch basically acting as babysitters for the daughter of one of the members of the committee is proof that at this point, this duo is not being taken seriously. And really who can blame anyone for that – Scott barely takes his canine partnership seriously.

But that being said, this episode was another fun one and it was cool to see the Olympics play a part in the episode even if it is the more political side of it all. The overarching mystery of what really happened to Scott Turner Sr. was also another interesting aspect of episode 2 and it really set us up to ask questions and dive deeper into the season.

Now, we can’t wait to see how Scott and Hooch saving the day will work in their favor moving forward. And we really hope it means that in upcoming episodes we will see Scott actually communicating with Hooch and Hooch actually listening.

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What did you think? Have you watched episode 2 yet? What did you think? What was your favorite part of the episode? Let us know.