Turner & Hooch gives us a sneak peek at episode 2 “A Good Day To Dog Hard”

Turner and Hooch - “A Good Day to Dog Hard” (Disney/Farah Nosh)
Turner and Hooch - “A Good Day to Dog Hard” (Disney/Farah Nosh) /

It’s “A Good Day to Dog Hard” on Turner & Hooch this week and we are here for it. In fact, we are so here for it that we are offering a sneak peek of a very fun (and funny) scene from the second episode.

Following the Turner & Hooch premiere on July 21, we have an idea that Scott and his new pup are actually a really good team. And sure, Hooch is bit of a mess and he has issues with drool and tearing things apart, but it gives him a lot of character.

But in the second episode of the series, “A Good Day to Dog Hard,” it looks like we will really get to see these two working together. In fact, it looks like maybe Scott Turner has a new four-legged partner.

While we can’t give anything away (no spoilers allowed), we can absolutely offer a very exclusive clip from the episode!

Turner & Hooch sees the new dynamic duo in action in the second episode

Check out this exclusive first look at Turner & Hooch episode 2:

Honestly, this scene alone is enough to have us ready to tune in for episode 2. We completely get Hooch. In fact, he might just be our spirit animal! We smell food and we follow our noses too! (We might drool a little less, but still.) While we might not chase the food down stairs and into a fountain, we can’t help but feel like maybe we understand it anyway!

Obviously, it is going to take time for Scott to really figure out how to work with Hooch and keep him in control. But at the same time, at least we know that he is going to be getting help with that from a professional.

We can’t wait to see how this scene plays out, and hopefully we will see more of Scott and Hooch bonding as a team. As a reminder, Turner & Hooch streams on Disney,+ with new episodes on Wednesday each week.

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What do you think dog lovers? Are you a fan of Hooch and his love of food? What do you think of this scene? Does it make you want to watch episode 2 of Turner & Hooch too? Let us know in the comments.