Fitish helps relieve the summer discomfort with new Itch Relief Spray

Is your pup known to get hot spots in the summer? Do they often itch in the heat? Then you’ll want to give Fitish Paws Off Hot Spot Relief Spray a try.

Typically the summer months mean more time spent outdoors, both for ourselves and our pups. This means we need to pay attention to our skin (human and canine alike). And after an afternoon in the sun enjoying some downtime together, you might notice your pup itching more than usual or even dealing with a dreaded hot spot.

It seems that Fitish understands us and wants to help. Inspired by her own rescue pups, Jenna Owens, along with Fitish, created the perfect solution to the itching of summer – the Paws Off Hot Spot Relief Spray, an itch relief spray that will help to reduce the redness and itching.

This spray offers our pup a solution that is antibacterial and antifungal, working in just a few quick spritzes.


Paws off Pet Hot Spot Relief. Image courtesy of Fitish

Fitish gives us an itch relief spray perfect for the hot spots of summer

So what is it about Paws Off Hot Spot Relief Spray that helps it to work? How about the fact that it is infused with CBD.

This product does what we need it to do in a bottle that will run us just $30. And since this is not the first product in the Fitish line to incorporate CBD, we already know that the company knows what it is doing. In fact, the Paws Off Hot Spot Relief Spray joins a lineup that already includes the Sit. Stay. Chill Treats and the Not As Ruff CBD Pet Oil (this is a bacon scented oil that helps eases aches and pains, as well as inflammation and anxiety).

I am pretty excited about the Paws Off Hot Spot Relief Spray because heat-related itchiness and even hot spots are always a concern in the summer. And we hate to see our staff pup uncomfortable. So with the help of this spray, we are hoping for a summer that is much more comfortable and fun for all.

What do you think? Are you interested in this product? Do you have a pup who suffers from summer itch and hot spots? Tell us below, we want to know.