Rob Gronkowski is a new dog dad and that’s why he’s been named Bud Light Secretary of Summer

Gronk Wants You + Your Dog to Endorse the Bud Light Summer Stimmy. Image courtesy Bud Light
Gronk Wants You + Your Dog to Endorse the Bud Light Summer Stimmy. Image courtesy Bud Light /

As a new dog dad, it makes sense that Bud Light would turn to Rob Gronkowski to be their official Secretary of Summer. But why you may ask?

According to a press release from Bud Light, it seems that just in time for summer the beer brand is giving away a “Summer Stimmy” and Gronk wants to make sure that new pet parents get in on the action. But if you aren’t familiar with the summer stimmy or what exactly all this means, have no fear we have you covered.

It seems that this summer, Bud Light wants to make magic happen. And that means giving away $10 million in prizes. Prizes will be given away in a 100 plus page proposal of ideas for fun things to do this summer curtesy of Bud Light.

And one of the sections in this stimmy package has to do with our puppers. In fact, in the Instagram post shared by Rob Gronkowski where he reveals his role as Bud Light’s Secretary of Summer, we see him reading one of the pages in the proposal specifically relating to the pups of summer.

Bud Light is going all out for summer and that includes spoiling new pups with a special name

On the page seen in one of Gronk’s pictures, it shows that if you get a new puppy this summer and name him SELTZIE, your pup will get a free month of biscuits courtesy of the Bud Light Summer Stimmy!

Considering this program is all about turning the dog days of summer into something fun, it makes sense that they would turn to Rob Gronkowski to share the dog related portion of the stimmy package. After all, being a new dog dad himself, he understands how important it is to spoil our pups.

And what better way to spoil a new pup than with a month’s worth of doggy biscuits? I can’t think of anything better or more fun.

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But what do you think? Are you here for this Summer Stimmy courtesy of Bud Light? Would you name a pup Seltzie so he can get free biscuits? Tell us in the comments below.