Lisa Vanderpump on new Vanderpump Dogs TV series

VANDERPUMP DOGS -- Pictured: Lisa Vanderpump, Key Art -- (Photo by: Peacock)
VANDERPUMP DOGS -- Pictured: Lisa Vanderpump, Key Art -- (Photo by: Peacock) /

Lisa Vanderpump recently talked with Dog O’Day via a Zoom interview to promote her new TV series Vanderpump Dogs, which will air on the NBC streaming service Peacock.

The first episode of Vanderpump Dogs will premiere on Wednesday, June 9, and the series will follow the staff of the Vanderpump Dog Foundation in Los Angeles.

“It mainly focuses on the dogs and the people that are adopting them, and it’s the stories about the dogs – how they got there, and how it’s their second chance. And it’s also about the people and their stories, so it’s basically who’s rescuing who.”

Unlike her roles as a judge on the Facebook Watch competition series World’s Most Amazing Dog or the ABC series Pooch PerfectVanderpump Dogs will be more reality-show based, following Lisa and the staff.

“[Pooch Perfect] was obviously a dog show as well, but they’re vastly different. I wouldn’t have done Pooch Perfect if it had been in any way conflicting with the Vanderpump Dogs show. That was totally about grooming, while this is more about the heartwarming stories of adoption and the poignancy of the individual experiences.”

Peacock debuted in July 2020, and while about half their library is free to view, there are also the Peacock Premium subscription option for $4.99 per month, which includes the full library of titles, in addition to live sports and sports-adjacent programming, and the Peacock Premium Plus option for $9.99 per month, which is the same as Premium but eliminates the ads.

Lisa Vanderpump is very excited about the upcoming Vanderpump Dogs TV series on the Peacock streaming service.

Because o the COVID-19 pandemic, this made filming a TV series somewhat more difficult, for obvious reasons.

“I did two shows through COVID, and we were very strict with obeying the rules and were very lucky not to have any COVID cases while filming. Normally the center is open to the public, but because of the pandemic everything had to be appointment only.”

This also has significantly affected their fundraising events, since they couldn’t have their annual Gala or the World Dog Day events, though Cameo has also helped out in this area.

The Vanderpump Dog Foundation began in 2016 to help end the dog meat trade in China, in addition to combating canine overpopulation, abuse and inhumane treatment of dogs throughout the world, and inspiring a new generation of animal activists.

For many people they first became aware of the foundation through one of the above-mentioned dog TV shows, but others may have found out about it through Lisa Vanderpump’s previous reality show work, which includes The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules, or her appearance on Dancing with the Stars in season 16.

The Vanderpump Dogs shelter has been sending players to the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl for several years now as well.

Still others may know Vanderpump from one of the many restaurants she owns across Los Angeles and London with her husband Ken Todd, or her 1970s/80s work as an actress in British film and television.

Vanderpump is excited about the potential for change that Vanderpump Dogs can inspire in viewers.

“I hope [the audience] really have a feel-good factor after watching it, that’s very important these days. I hope that they realize the importance of pet adoption. I also hope that they understand how active the Vanderpump Dogs Foundation has been throughout the world, in Mexico and Peru and Venezuela and China, as advocates for ending the inhumane treatment of dogs worldwide. And I hope that they join our cause and fight the fight, to make sure that our dogs are treated like the princes and princesses that they are.

Again, the premiere of Vanderpump Dogs will be Wednesday, June 9.

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