Dog bites are up as dogs lack socialization amid pandemic

Murphy at Kansas Humane Society Credit - Darrin Hackney for BOBS from Skechers + Petco Love
Murphy at Kansas Humane Society Credit - Darrin Hackney for BOBS from Skechers + Petco Love /

It’s not easy for us to socialize amid a pandemic. We have Zoom and the occasional brunch with a few close friends, but nothing like the world pre-COVID-19. So imagine how our poor dogs feel!

Dog parks were closed for a long period of time, and meeting with friends wasn’t a possibility, either. Our dog pals were stuck at home with us. We truly feel for the dogs in shelters!

The situation is improving, thankfully, but during the shutdown, there has been a significant increase in dog bites. Specifically, an increase in plastic surgeries to repair dog bit-related injuries. How big is the increase? About 22%, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports.

At the same time, pet ownership has skyrocketed 700% since the pandemic. This tells us that, as much as we love pups finding their furever home, there seems to be a severe lack of proper training and socializing.

Another big issue these days, especially with how many more people have dogs now, is anxiety.

Dealing with separation anxiety in dogs and more

Courtney Briggs, head trainer at Zoom Room, shared some tips on how to keep our dogs engaged and properly socialize them.

On separation anxiety, Briggs shares that, while it can’t be fixed, it can be managed. For starters, the answer is never getting another dog. Briggs says that it’s more likely for the new dog to pick up anxiety from the anxious dog, than the other way around.

The best way to manage this is to make your departure really rewarding and exciting and make your return not as exciting. Don’t worry, your dog will be happy you’re back no matter what!

Another way of dealing with separation anxiety in dogs is to leave them with an engaging toy. Try an activity toy, your pup is more clever than you believe!

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