Sugar the Rat Terrier, loyal Dog Twitter member, goes OTRB

Sugar the Rat Terrier of Dog Twitter. Photos provided by Jim Turney.
Sugar the Rat Terrier of Dog Twitter. Photos provided by Jim Turney. /

Sugar the Rat Terrier has gone OTRB.

Sugar the Rat Terrier has become the latest member of Dog Twitter to cross over the rainbow bridge.

She crossed over on December 30, 2020, after 18 years and six months of life spent on Earth, which translates in dog years to around 107 years old.

Sugar was UKC registered as a member of a purebred litter of puppies on July 31, 2002, though she was born deaf due to poor genetics, and therefore unwanted for breeding purposes because of this birth defect.

Instead, she became a pet companion dog first and foremost, though that wasn’t the only rough patch of her childhood.

A spinal injury at around 10 weeks old prevented her hind legs from working for some time, and a veterinary visit confirmed her deafness at this point.

At around six months old (roughly 8 in dog years), she was involved in an accident that shattered her right foreleg, resulting in a long scar and the installation of a metal plate that could be felt beneath the skin.

As a college-age young adult at 2 years old (roughly 24 in dog years) Sugar the Rat Terrier’s life took another turn, as her owner had a baby and Sugar did not take this intrusion very well.

Her owner’s mother worked with a man named Jim, who agreed to babysit Sugar for a weekend, which went well. She moved in with Jim in September 2004, and lived there happily ever after.

Sugar and Dad enjoyed camping in the  travel trailer near their northern Nevada home, and they became big Vegas Golden Knights fans once the team started up with the 2017-18 NHL season.

Due to her cautious and rather skittish nature, she was more feline in some ways than doglike, preferring to chill on a cozy lap than playing with balls, though she enjoyed mini tennis balls and small stuffies.

When Dad came home from work each night she would eagerly greet him and threw her toys about to initiate a quick game of fetch, which usually lasted about 10 or 15 minutes.

Sugar’s place among the Dogs of Twitter (her handle was @websparx) was that of an eccentric great-grandmother or elderly distant cousin, staying interested in all the latest shenanigans of clubs like the Ruff Riderz.  As such, she would sometimes provide interesting stories of the past, as the resident historian of Dog Twitter.

Her pals threw an online birthday party for her 18th last summer, which was a fun way for the community to celebrate such an impawtant milestone.

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Dad plans to keep the Twitter account active for Angel Sugar to occasionally provide pupdates.