Animal Crossing Christmas event features puppies in New Horizons

Animal Crossing Christmas puppies (Photo by Jenny Evans/Getty Images)
Animal Crossing Christmas puppies (Photo by Jenny Evans/Getty Images) /

The Animal Crossing Christmas event features puppies.

The Animal Crossing Christmas 2020 event, known in the franchise’s universe as “Toy Day,” features puppies, and they’re adorable.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the latest game in the series for the Nintendo Switch, just wrapped up Toy Day as Jingle the reindeer came to players’ islands and dropped off presents and recipes to played who distributed the gifts to their animal villagers, much like how the Thanksgiving event worked last month with visiting chef Franklin the turkey.

All month long in December, there have been special holiday-themed items sold by Timmy and Tommy Nook in the Nook’s Cranny shop (fully upgraded version). Most of these have been Christmas-themed toys and gifts, including robots, dinosaurs, RC helicopters, slot car tracks, dollhouses and books. There has also been the useful-but-not-exciting space heater, and a menorah-like candle for Jewish players wanting to get in on Hanukkah.

The hedgehogs Mable and Sable at the Able Sisters clothes store have also crafted up a complete Santa outfit, in addition to a reindeer suit and a variety of holiday-themed dresses and sweaters.

But best of all from a Dog O’Day perspective have been the Animal Crossing Christmas puppies. Now, because dogs are a common type of animal villager, it would be weird if these puppies were actual dogs, because that would be a Pluto/Goofy situation. So they make sure to reiterate that these are plushies, sometimes also known as stuffies.

(Weirdly, though hamster villagers like Hamlet and Graham exist, your player can also have a pet hamster kept in a cage in their house, however.)

As the website Animal Crossing World explains, there are eight varieties of Animal Crossing Christmas puppies available, one locked to whatever color your island’s airport is. These are a black Labrador, spotted Dalmatian, tri-colored Beagle, beige puppy (possibly Golden Retriever?), red puppy (Irish Setter?)  lemon and white puppy (possibly Cocker Spaniel), gray and white puppy (unknown breed) and pink puppy (probably Poodle).

Since my (Wesley) airport is green, the puppy native to my island Wishbone is the gray and white mixed breed, though from friends I’ve managed to acquire several other breeds and plan to set up a dog park with plenty of doghouses and food bowls. And since different color variants you’ve save go into your inventory catalog for future purchasing, if you or your friends need a different color option later down the road, they’ll still be obtainable, though Nook’s Cranny will only offer these limited-time items through Christmas Day.

Even better, when you place one of the puppy plushies on the ground or floor in your house, and then click on them, they will run in place and do other cute stuff (and using gestures and reactions, you could pet them, but it would look a bit off since it’s a bit of a MacGyvered action rather than designed into the gameplay).

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