Giving Tuesday 2020: Canine organizations making a difference this year

Giving Tuesday (Photo by Kelly Barnes/Getty Images)
Giving Tuesday (Photo by Kelly Barnes/Getty Images) /

For Giving Tuesday 2020, we look at some of the canine brands and organizations making the world a better place.

Giving Tuesday 2020 is scheduled for December 1, and so here at Dog O’Day we’ll look at some of the canine brands and organizations making the world a better place.

The Jinx Give Bark Initiative is helping animal shelters in New York City and Los Angeles with a pound-for-pound kibble donation; for each bag of kibble customers purchase, they’ll donate some up to 2,000 pounds (that’s about the same amount as 20 Great Pyrenees). The ultimate goal is at least 8,000 meals for pups who need food.

Customers can choose which shelter they’d like to assist on checkout, with options including Animal Haven, Bideawee, the Labelle Foundation and West LA Animal Shelters.

Jinx dog food and dog treats are all-natural and American-made, and our staff dogs are big fans of their products.

The Give Bark initiative will run until the end of December, and if customers use the code DOGSGIVING on Cyber Monday, they can save 50 percent off their order if they spend $30 or more.

For those who want to help the work of guide dogsSoutheastern Guide Dogs would appreciate donations to continue their work. For $19 per month, donors can follow the training progress of a specific puppy from learning basic commands with their puppy raiser to more intense training at Puppy College and then ultimately to their adult work as a guide dog, service dog or skilled companion dog.

Donors will also get a puppy fridge magnet and an annual copy of the Southeastern Guide Dogs calendar, which is mailed each September. Current featured puppies include the black Labrador Faith and the yellow Lab Felix.

If a monthly recurring donation doesn’t work with your budget, there are also a variety of items in their gift shop including stuffies, human clothes and canine accessories.

Speaking of stuffies, you could help our pal Bark-Andre Furry’s charity, Bark for a Cause, by purchasing stuffies or bobbleheads, which are currently on sale for $20.20 each. A portion of the proceeds of each sale are donated to children’s cancer charities, and it’s pretty pawesome merch, so overall it’s a win-win situation there.

These are just a few of the canine-centric or -adjacent organizations taking part in Giving Tuesday 2020; there are far too many to list them all out.

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How do you plan to spend Giving Tuesday 2020?