Trampoline fetch keeps one Labrador occupied in new viral dogs video

trampoline fetch (Photo by Mark Evans/Getty Images)
trampoline fetch (Photo by Mark Evans/Getty Images) /

Trampoline fetch is keeping one Labrador busy in the backyard.

Trampoline fetch is how you keep busy when there’s no humans around in the backyard to play with.

At least, that’s the thinking according to one Labrador Retriever who stars in the latest viral dogs video.

This video was shared on Twitter on Tuesday, August 4 by People Magazine‘s People Pets account (@PeoplePets).

This black Lab hops up on his or her hind legs to deposit the well-loved (meaning the well-chewed and worn-out tennis ball) onto the trampoline’s surface, then smacks it with their head repeatedly until it clears the other side of the trampoline, allowing the dog to catch the throw.

This is really clever, honestly, and the slightly uphill patch of ground the trampoline is set up on doesn’t hurt, either.

Dog O’Day staff dog Banjo (who belongs to Wesley’s family) used to do something similar, as he would play fetch with himself by flinging his tennis ball up the stairs and then catching it once it bounced back down. He hasn’t done this in a while, though he is a senior dog by now, though he’s still very spry when it’s time for outside zooms.

If you;d like to teach your dog how to play fetch, we’ve got you covered with an article on the subject.

Tennis balls were also the basis of a wonderful surprise for a retiring TSA dog during his going-away party in June in another viral dogs video, though it seems unlikely that the White Claw canine captain helped celebrate. (Mixing viral dogs into a coherent story is an acceptable way to pass a slow news day on a Tuesday afternoon.)

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