Tennis ball surprise for retiring TSA dog on last day at work

retiring TSA dog (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)
retiring TSA dog (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images) /

A retiring TSA dog got a big surprise on his last day at work.

A retiring TSA dog in Indianapolis got a big welcome surprise on his last day at work last week in a recent adorable viral dogs video.

Dog O’Day learned of this news through Kansas City TV station KCTV Action News 5, a CBS affiliate.

TSA Regional Spokesperson Mark Howell shared the video on his Twitter account as well.

While the black Labrador Retriever is hard at work inspecting a very ordinary-looking red roller suitcase, a torrent of tennis balls come flying down from the ceiling in this viral video, and the assembled humans all cheer with gusto.

According to The Dodo, the name of the retiring TSA dog is TTirado, and he’s worked at the Indianapolis Airport for eight years. During that time, a tennis ball was his favorite reward

“It’s a coveted item during their career,” TTirado’s handler Keith Gray told The Dodo. “They know that they have to work for it to get it and that’s what keeps them going and keeps their motivation up.”

Another short video taken shortly afterward (embedded in Dodo story) shows the retiring TSA dog ecstatically playing with several of the balls, though there are so many it’s hard for him to choose from – this is a great problem for a dog to have.

Gray worked with TTirado during his entire career as an explosives detection dog, who regularly stood at the top of his class during various evaluations.

Now TTirado officially has been adopted by Gray, becoming not just his working partner, but a member of the family.

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There is no word on what brand of tennis balls were used, but by the way they bounced they look to be actual tennis balls, not doggy tennis balls, though both kinds are good to play fetch with.

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