2020 National Dog Show: Our staff predictions

Photo: National Dog Show/Steve Surfman
Photo: National Dog Show/Steve Surfman /

What are our 2020 National Dog Show picks among our staff for how the 2020 NDS will turn out?

Who will be the group winners of the 2020 National Dog Show? Read on to find out who the Dog O’Day staff went with for their 2020 National Dog Show picks…

This is just for bragging rights (barking rights?), but because it’s fun to track these kinds of things (also why we have a fantasy football league), we figured readers might like to join in on the fun by making picks with their own families.

With that in mind, here’s our methodology for scoring our National Dog Show picks: If a pick wins its group, then add 1.00 point, 0.75 for second, 0.50 for third and 0.25 for fourth. If a backup pick wins or places, then it gets half the point value: 0.50 for first, 0.375 for second, 0.25 for third and 0.125 for fourth.

(If you’re not quite sure how dog shows work in general, here’s a guide to the basics.)

So now, onto our 2020 National Dog Show picks…we’ll see how accurate they were later.

Herding Group

Wesley Coburn, site co-expert: Hard to go against the Cardigan Welsh Corgi in this group, because they’re so flipping adorable. Those tails are fantastic. Backup pick is the Sheltie, because they combine small-dog cuteness with Collie beauty and Aussie athleticism.

Holland the Pup, columnist: I have to go with the Entlebucher Mountain Dog because, well, I just spent two summers in the mountains and plus this dog has some short legs like me!  My backup pick is the Canaan Dog because it kinda sounds like Canada and I love Canada.

Hound Group

Wes: Beagles are my favorite breed, so…sticking with them for this group. Backup pick is the Whippet, because they’re distinctive and have done well in recent years (specifically siblings Bourbon and Whiskey).

Holland: I’m going with the Basenji in this group. I hear they don’t bark, and, well, I pretty much don’t bark so we’re kind of alike! My backup pick is the Bluetick Coonhound because my favorite color is blue!

Non-Sporting Group

Wes: The Schipperke is my pick for the Non-Sporting because they tend to do well in recent show history, and their fluffiness is pretty great (Samoyed offshoot). Backup pick is the French Bulldog because they’re popular.

Holland: I gotta go with the French Bulldog because Victor Hedman has a French Bulldog named Harry and I love Victor Hedman! My backup pick is the Bulldog for my buddy Ovie the Bulldog.

Sporting Group

Wes: I’m going to go with the Barbet here – it’s a French water dog that was just recognized (officially Jan 2021), and that seems like it might have an impact. Backup pick is the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, because they’re a bird dog that is pretty, slightly under the radar, and it’s a fun name to say.

Holland: I think I need to pick Labrador Retriever here because I’m pretty sure that’s what I am! My backup is the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever because this one sounds Canadian, too! Isn’t that where Sidney Crosby is from?

Terrier Group

Wes: Jack Russell Terrier because of my lifelong loyalty to Wishbone and Skip (and in real-life doggo friends Bark and Deke). Backup pick is the Border Terrier, because it’s the most generic-looking purebred dog that can be imagined, which deserves some love.

Holland: My dad told me I should pick a Schnauzer here (sorry Bark & Deke) because he once had a Schnauzer named Tobie. My backup pick is the Kerry Blue Terrier because my uncle who lives in Toronto used to show Kerry Blue Terriers back in the day (hi Uncle Jack!)

Toy Group

Wes: Bono the Havanese is again one of the top dogs this year, and since the field is only breed champions due to the pandemic, I’m going with the Havanese. Backup pick is the Papillon, because those ears are fantastic, making them easily recognizable (most Toy Group dogs I have trouble identifying)

Holland: All these dogs are so small! In this category I’m picking the Brussels Griffon because Brussels, Belgium is close to Holland, the land that I’m named after! My backup pick is a pug because, well, they’re just funny when they make noises when they breathe.

Working Group

Wes: Wilma the Boxer has consistently ruled this group over the past several years, so I’m sticking with the Boxer as my main pick, and going with the Great Pyrenees as my backup, because one of our dogs is a Pyr and they’re very majestic, gentle creatures, in addition to being very good guard dogs.

Holland: Going back to the mountain theme, I’m picking the Bernese Mountain Dog. I actually met a really cool Bernese Mountain Dog named Parker the Snow Dog who is a big Denver Broncos fan recently at the Buccaneers at Broncos game in Denver. My backup pick here is the Cane Corso in honor of Lee Corso the legendary ESPN college football personality! Even though Lee Corso is a Florida State Seminoles fan, I still love watching him on Game Day every Saturday! Go Gators!

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