Vita Bone delivers artisan inspired treats that scream cozy cuisine

Vita Bone Artisan Inspired Dog Biscuits. Photo Credit: Kimberley Spinney
Vita Bone Artisan Inspired Dog Biscuits. Photo Credit: Kimberley Spinney /

Vita Bone gives us dog treats inspired by menu quality cuisine

When it comes to finding new treats for our dogs, there is something about finding products that are artisanal in nature. And Vita Bone delivers when it comes to those flavors.

While the company currently offers three dog treat flavors that could easily be found on a menu somewhere, these treats are all about our pups. With Vita Bone artisan inspired dog treats, our pups are getting dog biscuits that are clearly inspired by the flavors in our kitchens.

Vita Bone brings the flavors of the kitchen to the treats our dogs eat

As someone who scours the dog food and treat aisles of the grocery store to find new products, the thing that drew me to the Vita Bone treats was the flavors themselves. Not only do they offer a Maple Bacon & Blueberry Flavor biscuit, but they even have Turkey Stuffing & Cranberry Flavor biscuits, and of course these are the two flavors that caught my eye first.

Of course, I already mentioned that there are three flavors. And while the other flavor which is BBQ Chicken & Sweet Potato Flavor biscuits certainly sounds delicious, I’ll admit that the pups in my life weren’t as enamored. That being said, the Maple Bacon & Blueberry was a definite hit. I think anytime you add bacon anything to the mix, our pups are going to say yes please.

Honestly, while these are clearly for our pups, I am impressed by the fact that Vita Bone is using real vegetables, fruits, and meats to create dog treats that not only smell amazing, but that our dogs really seem to enjoy.

Maybe it is the way they smell or the fact that they really do feel like they are fresh out of the kitchen every time, but these dog biscuits are definitely ones I will be snagging as a treat for the pups.

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Have you seen Vita Bone biscuits in a store near you? Has your pup tried these treats yet? Does your pup have a favorite treat? Tell us in the comments.