Pumpkin Spice season is here for our pups too

Celebrate Pumpkin Spice season with your dog

Are you looking for a way to enjoy Pumpkin Spice season with your pup? Then this specialty dog treat might be just what you’re looking for!

We all know that once September arrives, it is officially Pumpkin Spice everything season. And we are definitely not complaining. However, for the longest time, it seemed like our pups couldn’t exactly take part in this aspect of the season, although pumpkin is known to be good for our pups and their overall health and well-being.

Well, thanks to People Magazine, we now have the answer to a problem we didn’t even know we had! We can now share the magic of the PSL with our pups courtesy of specialty treats from Wüfers.

Pumpkin Spice dog treats are now a real thing

Wüfers is apparently an online company that offers premium dog treats. And that is enough to snag our interest.

So what exactly does Wüfers have to offer in terms of this Pumpkin Spice craze for our dogs? Well it seems that on Sept. 1 they released a special Pup-kin Spice Box featuring dog treats shaped like everything from pumpkins to coffee cups and everything else you could image for a Fall loving pup.

Every single treat is expertly crafted to look amazing and picturesque, while also being tasty too. And while you may be thinking of letting your pup have at it with this box of treats, the Pup-kin Spice box is meant to be savored. In fact, these treats are good for up to 15 months!

This is not the first time that the company has released a seasonal box for pups, as they have previously released such goodies as Valentines themed cookies and even a canine Advent calendar.

Honestly, this box is everything we could have hoped for in a PSL-inspired dog treat box and so much more. Not only is every cookie picture perfect, but you just know that your pup is going to love these treats.

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What do you think of giving your pup a Pumpkin Spice inspired treat? Would you order this box for your pup so they can join you as you indulge in your Fall favorites? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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