Dash Dog Treat Maker makes treat time easy and fun

A Labrador Retriever (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
A Labrador Retriever (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images) /

Dash is showing our pups some love with the new Dash Dog Treat Maker

Your kitchen may be stocked with pans, waffle makers, and blenders, but what’s in your pantry for your puppy pal? You need the Dash Dog Treat Maker! Trust us, your dog will thank you!

As easy as it is to buy a bag of treats for your pet, I would say they deserve a fresh snack every now and then, especially when they are good boys. Not to mention, fresh treats are great motivators for learning new tricks. Or simply show how much you love them with something tasty.

You may already be familiar with Dash, a brand that has helped many with cooking (and staying healthy), but they are now showing some love to our four-legged friends. Here’s what you need to know about this cool tool (and why you need one).

Dash Dog Treat Makers is a must-have

Dash has partnered up with North Shore Animal League America to create the Express Dog Treat Maker and a Mini Dog Treat Maker. To help out our pups even more, proceeds from each Dog Treat Maker will go towards supporting the animal shelter. It’s a win-win.

Where can you find both of these new products? They are available on Amazon and Target, and will also be found in Kohl’s as early as Sept. 1. So you don’t even have to leave the house to get one, just place an order!

The Express Dog Treat Maker goes for $29.99, and the Mini Dog Treat Maker is $16.99 as the size is significantly smaller. It depends on your dog size and what they like!

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What do you think about the Dash Dog Treat Maker? Will you be ordering one of these for your four-legged pal?