Hero dog saves elderly owner by calling for help

Rosetta Stone’s Dog Day offer is back for 2020. Photo Courtesy @KeepingFinn
Rosetta Stone’s Dog Day offer is back for 2020. Photo Courtesy @KeepingFinn /

California has a new hero dog, Sandy, after the pup saved his owner by calling for help

People reports there’s a new canine hero among us, specifically in Glendale, California. Sandy is being praised for helping rescue his 88-year-old owner, Gwendola Johnson.

We love a sweet and inspirational story, especially when it involves our favorite animal! If you need more proof that dogs are the best animals of all-time, here you go!

The source shares that Gwendola Johnson is extremely grateful for her dog Sandy, who didn’t hesitate to come to his owner’s rescue when she needed help after a bad fall. We’ve got the story for you, below.

Sandy is our new favorite hero dog

Earlier this summer on July 10, Johnson, who is 88-years-old, tripped and fell as she was walking out of her home in Glendale, California. She wasn’t hurt, but wasn’t able to get up to call for help. Cue in, Sandy!

According to the source, when Johnson fell, she spotted a man walking by, but couldn’t call out. This is when Johnson instructed her pal Sandy to get the man, Kirk White. Sandy did just as he was told and ran to White and barked to signal him to follow him.

Security footage proves Johnson’s story as it shows the hero dog rushing to help. White shares that the way Sandy was barking, indicated that “come follow me this way, there’s something I want you to see.”

Johnson was definitely lucky to have Sandy by her side, White may not have noticed Johnson had it not been for the pup! Good boy, Sandy! Let’s hope the dog got plenty of snuggles and treats for being so great.

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