Dog Treats: Finding the best dog treats for good boys and girls

Unlike cats, dogs are willing to learn and make you happy, but which dog treats are best for rewards?

What is the best way to reward the good boy in your home? With pets and cuddles, of course! But their secret favorite treat is just that: dog treats! But with so many snacks and bite-size bones available out there, how do you know which one is the best for your pup?

Dog owners have all had a different experience when it comes to dog food. All sorts of dog food. Some dogs enjoy one brand while the other can’t stand it. Others prefer soft food, and most don’t care what they have for dinner.

The case is the same when it comes to treats! Most pups couldn’t care less if you give them a hard treat or one that’s easier to chew, but what do you do when they do care? You’ve come to the right place!

Canine Journal recently shared an extremely helpful guide that’s all about figuring out which treats to give your dog. Chances are, if you find their favorite treat, they will be more willing to do tricks and learn from you.

Which dog treats are best?

By review, the source shares that StarMark are some of the best treats, but these are preferably best suited for large dogs and adult dogs. They are $6.29 and you can get them on Amazon.

Small dogs may prefer Milk-Bone. However, in my experience, these aren’t great. My pups have always refused these. Mine have preferred Canine Carry Outs. Another suggestions are the Old Mother Hubbard treats, great for puppies!

Finally, for older pals, the source suggests Soft Savories. These are easy to chew (even if teeth are missing). Find them on Amazon.

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Which dog treats are you and your pups favorite? Do you strictly save these for training or an after-meal treat?