Three Dog Bakery gives our dogs their own tasty cookies to enjoy

Three Dog Bakery: Lick'n Crunch! Sandwich Cookies. Photo Credit: Kimberley Spinney
Three Dog Bakery: Lick'n Crunch! Sandwich Cookies. Photo Credit: Kimberley Spinney /

Three Dog Bakery is delivering tasty treats for pups

When you think about dog treats, what comes to mind first? At Three Dog Bakery, it seems like it’s about creating tasty treats that look good too!

Having been to a physical location of Three Dog Bakery, I already know that walking into one of these stores is like stepping into a regular bakery. The difference is that these treats are really just for our dogs.

But did you know that the bakery also offers their stuff in grocery stores as well? Even if you can’t go to an actual Three Dog Bakery location, that’s okay, because you can still give your pups tasty treats that actually look like everything from cakes to cookies.

Three Dog Bakery brings cookies for dogs to store shelves

Recently I stumbled across Lick’n Crunch! Sandwich Cookies from Three Dog Bakery at a grocery store in Massachusetts. The cookies look exactly like any other sandwich cookie you might find in the cookie aisle. The difference being, this one was made for our pups to enjoy.

In the store where I found these sandwich cookies, there were only two flavors to choose from – Carob & Peanut Butter flavors and the Golden & Vanilla flavor. However, on their website there is also Golden & Peanut Butter flavor, a Mini Lick’n Crunch in Carob & Vanilla flavors, and a 2-pack featuring the Carob & Peanut Butter and the Golden & Vanilla flavors.

Basically, there is a cookie for every pup and I am here for it.

As someone who has been to the bakery and snagged treats for the pups in my life, I already know that no matter what they are offering, this is a company that prides itself on quality and making sure our pups are only getting the finest ingredients. The fact that the treats also look like they could be alongside any other bakery good for people just adds to their overall appeal.

Of course, the final test of these cookies is whether or not the dogs like them. And I can say that yes, they do! In fact, I am pretty sure if these pups were human children, you would find them hiding in a closet with the cookie box at their side as they tear their way through the entire box with absolutely no shame.

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Have you picked up Three Dog Bakery products for your dog? If you have, what do you think of the treats they offer? Tell us in the comments.