How to keep your Dogs happy and safe this Halloween

This Halloween, let’s learn how to keep our dogs safe, happy, and healthy!

It’s Fall, which means the closest holiday that is coming upon us is Halloween! While that may be all fun, games, and trick or treating for us humans, it can tend to be just a bit stressful for dogs with all that goes on and how many times the doorbell rings, causing them to run and bark at the door (which was much like my dog Jack used to do)!

We might think that some dogs’ reactions to Halloween and costumes are funny and cute, it may not be all funny and cute for them on their end. According to some scientists at Purina, there are some definite tips and tricks (and of course treats) that can help us accommodate to our dog’s needs on this scary holiday as well!

How can we keep our dogs happy, safe, and healthy on Halloween? Stay tuned!

Again, and according to some scientists at Purina, there are 5 essential tips in order to keep your dogs safe, happy, and healthy (and of course calm as well) every Halloween!

1. Prepare Your Dog (Pet)

This year might be a bit different in terms of the pandemic potentially taking the fun out of trick-or-treating for some places; however, preparation for your dogs is still key. Sure, you have guests in and out of your home here and there; however, I doubt that it rings as much as it does on Halloween.

Here’s what Purina has to say/recommends to do all about this:

To help your dog or cat feel more at ease with strangers at the door, start preparing them in advance. Pet parents can also practice with their dogs to create a positive association with the doorbell. Try ringing the doorbell before entering your own house and then reward your dog for not barking when you enter. You could also invite friends over and reward your pet with treats for not barking at the doorbell.

2. Find Soothing Solution(s)

If your dog seems to get pretty stressed out during this holiday season, there are definitely options out there to help a pup out, so for sure, don’t stress about or over that too much! You can start by asking your vet about giving your dog a nice probiotic-based solution, based on whatever they recommend. In fact, Purina themselves have a product called Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Calming Care Probiotic Dog Supplement.

Here’s what Purina has to say/recommends to do all about this:

Calming Care helps dogs cope with external stressors like separation, unfamiliar visitors, novel sounds, or changes in routine and location. Calming Care may take up to six weeks to see results, so this is a good option for pet parents to start now before Halloween rolls around.

Here’s what Purina’s Calming Care does for your doggies:

  • Helps dogs cope with external stressors like separation, unfamiliar visitors, novel sounds, or changes in routine and location!
  • Supports positive cardiac activity during stressful events & promotes a positive emotional state and healthy immune system in dogs!
  • Calming Care is available through Vet Direct, veterinarians, or retailers including PetSmart, Amazon and more!

3. Stay Inside (With Your Dogs If Possible For Comfort)

With the current state of the world, you may already be planning on staying inside; however, with the occasional trick-or-treater coming to your door, you’ll want to make sure that at the very least, your dogs are inside and safe. God forbid if something were to happen to your dog where they were to run away, please be sure that your doggos have proper IDs and tags so that they can be safely returned to your home and safe back in your arms!

Here’s what Purina has to say/recommends to do all about this:

The costumes, trick-or-treaters and detours from daily routines can make Halloween less enjoyable for our pets. Even mild-mannered dogs or calm cats may find strangers in costumes frightening.

4. Keep Candy Out Of Pup’s Reach (And Sealed)

Trust me, there are seemingly millions and millions of lists and documents out there that will list and contain all of the foods that your dogs should avoid eating entirely; however, they often forget to list candies on them. If you want to trick-or-treat with your dogs and celebrate with them, furry-friend style for any give occasion, then there are plenty of specially-made treats that have Fall flavors that your pups will still most certainly enjoy!

Here’s what Purina has to say/recommends to do all about this:

Many pet parents know chocolate is a big no-no, but they fail to understand just how grave the consequences are if their pet eats candy. These could include vomiting, diarrhea and even poisoning. Even small amounts can be fatal, so it’s best to keep candy sealed and out of reach.

5. Keep Costumes As Simple As Possible (For Dogs)

Sure, costumes are a super fun way to celebrate and to also get into the spirit; however, not all dogs enjoy getting dressed up (mine in particular always looked pissed, but don’t fret, we always kept the costumes simple, loose, and most importantly safe and adorable)!

Here’s what Purina has to say/recommends to do all about this:

Pets typically don’t like costumes with elastic on top of the head or around the neck. Instead, choose an easy-on, easy-off outfit that doesn’t constrict their head and neck. There are other Halloween pet safety considerations when it comes to costumes, like the material and whether it will cause your dog or cat to overheat. If you want your pet to partake in the holiday, choose a Halloween-themed collar and leash rather than dressing them up.

Let us know down below what, if any, additional strategies that work for you and your furry puppy friends! Poll Time: Which is cuter? Dog bows or Dog bandanas? (Bandanas, duh)! Woof, Woof!