Rewarding careers for the biggest dog lovers out there

Jinx Pumpkin & Apple Biscuits. Image courtesy Jinx
Jinx Pumpkin & Apple Biscuits. Image courtesy Jinx /

Do you love dogs? Look into these careers that are meant for dog-lovers like you!

It’s certainly no secret that dogs are not just a man’s best friend, but just about any human out there. Being with or around a dog even for a split second can instantly be a mood booster for someone, no matter their situation at hand. Have you ever wondered what careers might make you as a dog lover happy?

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to work alongside a dog, or animals in general, then stay tuned because we are going to be diving pretty deep into some of the coolest, best, and simply most rewarding careers that any dog lover may want to pursue!

These careers were made just for dog lovers, that’s for sure!

Obviously speaking, there are a few careers out there that are pretty self-explanatory and obvious, such as being a trainer, a vet tech, or a veterinarian itself, among others of course.

Below, we will be looking at what, as a dog lover, might be your most interesting career choices to potentially be looking into for your future!

1. Dog Psychologist

Average Salary: $38,070 – $206,575

Education Requirements: Veterinarian Training w/ a Psychology Degree (of some sort)

Typical Duties: Working with dogs with behavioral issues to determine the root causes of such

Job Description & Other General Facts: The goal of a Dog Psychologist is basically to provide some sort of solution for the dog(s) (and their owners) based on their understanding of the animal/dog brain and psychology to be able to help the dog and owners out.

Here’s what MSN had to say about Dog Psychologists:

"It’s a job that can involve working with far more than just dogs. Some work with fish, reptiles, horses, and livestock."

2. Pet Photographer

Average Salary: $32,490

Education Requirements: Any sort of photography degree, training, or experience would be fine here

Typical Duties: Taking sweet photos of dogs (and other pets, but mainly dogs of course) for any sort of occasion that your clients may ask of you

Job Description & Other General Facts: Seriously, folks, what’s any better than spending your days with sweet pups all day, all while capturing their sweet and adorable faces and mannerisms? Nothing. Seriously, nothing. If you disagree, then I have zero words.

Here’s what MSN had to say about Pet Photographers:

"“It’s a great career for anyone who loves animals and wants to spend more time around them within their work,” says Texas-based pet photographer Jenna Regan."

3. Dog Fashion Designer

Average Salary: $100,000 + (with additional potential and room for growth in this department)

Education Requirements: Some sort of fashion degree, training, and experience

Typical Duties: Designing and fitting teeny clothes onto these adorable little dogs (yes, please, y’all)

Job Description & Other General Facts: This is typically a profession that requires some sort of fashion degree to get there; however, people have so much business potential opportunities to be able to earn them in the upwards of 6 figures as a yearly annual salary.

Here’s what MSN had to say about Dog Fashion Designers:

"Dog fashion designer is no joke. It’s just as important as a human fashion designer, (at least in some people’s minds). Design clothes and accessories for pets and have plenty of furry friends around the office or runway to model your goods."

4. Explosive-Detection Dog Handler

Average Salary: $47,000 – $98,500

Education Requirements: Some sort of Criminal Justice degree, focusing on animals as well, and/or training and experience doing this type of work/volunteer work as well would be great here

Typical Duties: Walking alongside a Detection Dog in airports, malls, sports stadiums, and so on. The dog’s typical duties on the other hand is simply to sniff out explosives and to alert their handlers of such information that they may or may not be detecting.

Job Description & Other General Facts: If you’re a frequent flyer, or a frequent ‘flyer’ to different sporting events (pre-pandemic of course), then you probably see security offers handling these types of animals as well. Pretty cool, now that you know what they’re sticking around for (besides the ballpark food, and free flights anywhere of their choosing, duh).

Here’s what MSN had to say about Explosive-Detection Dog Handlers:

"The highly trained animal is there to sniff out explosives; In addition to the benefit of working with animals, being an explosive-detection dog handler also pays quite well."

5. Therapy Animal/Dog Handler

Average Salary: $32,100

Education Requirements: Both the handlers and the dogs must go through such appropriate training; no specific degree was listed upon research, but double check with any agency if you’re interested in pursuing such a career!

Typical Duties: Walking around any sort of setting, such as airports to assist nervous travelers, or heading over to a nursing home to put a smile on an elderly person’s face; making sure the dogs and people around them are being treated properly; abiding by the specific guidelines, duties, and any other such responsibilities as noted by the organization/dog owners alike.

Job Description & Other General Facts: More than 30 airports around the country have such programs. Similarly, animal-assisted therapy can involve taking a dog to a nursing home, hospital, or schools.

Here’s what MSN had to say about Therapy Animal/Dog Handlers:

"Many airports have begun introducing dogs to assist travelers with anxiety and stress relief, in which case a handler typically walks the dog around the airport allowing travelers to pet the animal; And it’s best if your dog is housebroken, nonaggressive, and not fearful of strangers. As for pay, there often is little compensation, but that’s not always the case, some make as much as $32,100."

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Personally, my favorite Dog Lovers Career on this list would 100% have to be the Therapy Animal/Dog Handler! What’s yours? Let us know down in the comments below! Woof, woof!