Google Doodle celebrated bobblehead Dachshunds in super cute way

Google Doodle goes to the Dachshunds

We love checking out the new Google Doodle every day, but our favorite so far has to have come on Sept. 29 when they celebrated the Dachshund, and specifically the bobblehead Dachshund!

I have never been more enamored with a Google Doodle in my life and yet here we are. Maybe it is the fact that they gave the spotlight to a bobblehead dog. Or maybe it is the fact that the bobblehead in question is none other than a Dachshund. No matter what it is about this particular Doodle that hooked me, I literally spent 15 minutes of my day watching this pup’s head bobble up and down!

And then after 15 minutes I learned that it was actually an interactive video and forget it, my day was dedicated to clicking the bobblehead to watch the pup pant and show his affection. (There were actual hearts coming out of this pup’s head!)

The Google Doodle celebrates Dachshund bobbleheads

The real question is why exactly did Google honor the bobblehead Dachshund with a Doodle.

It turns out that on Sept. 29 in 1723 a book called The Complete German Hunter was published that offered us our first look at the pup we would come to call the Dachshund. In honor of the scrappy pup, Google opted to create a doodle that represented both the Dachshund and the bobblehead. But why the bobblehead you may ask?

It seems that the bobblehead aspect is all about the fact that they have an “iconic piece of German pop culture history,” which is known as the wackeldackel. A wackeldackel is a Dachshund bobblehead or as the translation for the word would give you, a wobbling Dachshund! (Also can we just start a petition to use wackeldackel everytime we are talking about a Dachshund bobblehead?)

Honestly, I don’t even think I care why Google gave us this adorable Doodle. I am just glad that they did! This is the kind of Google Doodle I can watch all day, and I feel like I tried to.

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Did you see the bobblehead Dachshund Google Doodle? Did you take advantage of the interactive aspect of the Doodle? Is this a Doodle you would want to see more of? Tell us all about it in the comments.