Dachshund Ice Cube Tray on Amazon is getting rave reviews again

The Dachshund ice cube tray is back in the spotlight

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Back in February, we here at Dog O’Day wrote about the must have Wiener Dog Ice Cube Tray that was available on Amazon. Even then, we were in love with the idea of having little ice cube Dachshunds floating in our drinks.

And now that summer is upon us, of course this specialty ice cube tray is back in the spotlight. In fact, it seems to be getting even more love than it did earlier in the year.

Amazon reviews for the Dachshund ice cube tray are everything

According to Women’s Health Magazine, the reviews are in and it seems like we are not the only ones obsessed with this cuteness. Some people are even using these ice cube trays for things like chocolate, because the silicone that makes up this tray is pliable enough that when you pop out the ice cube or chocolate, it stays in one piece.

From their tiny tails to their paws, these ice cubes are a dog lovers’ delight. And if you are Dachshund lovers, then this is definitely a must have.

Considering this ice cube tray is just $6.99 on Amazon, you aren’t breaking the bank grabbing one of these fun, whimsical trays. And the fact that it is summer means this the perfect time to show off your Dachshund ice cubes.

As we mentioned previously, when we first wrote about this delightful find, there are more than just Dachshunds represented in the world of ice. Other dog-friendly ice cube trays available include Bull Terriers and Scottish Terriers. Plus, if you want an entire menagerie in a glass, there are trays for other animals as well, including cats.

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These ice cube trays have been around for quite some time, but we are always happy to see them getting new love when people find these goodies for the first time. Hopefully more people find these ice cube trays and give them a whirl, as they are definitely perfect for getting a conversation started at any party.