Terrier Thursday: Celebrate the Dog with the Most-est, The Terrier

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) /

“Let’s Talk Terrier”

Our List of Favorite Dog Breeds

We celebrate all dog breeds at Dog O’ Day, but today, we’re celebrating the Terrier. These daring canines start off our list of favorite dog breeds, because frankly, everyone has known a terrier or two they’ve loved. Let us look at five reasons we go gaga for the terrier.

  • They’ll chase down any unwanted intruder. Terriers have a history in killing small animals like foxes and rabbits. They make sound guard dogs. It’s this, along with their charismatic demeanor that makes them, let’s face it, the perfect catch.
  • Energetic, playful and fun. Bursting with charm, and energy for days, these track stars will have you running all over the dog park. If you’re a runner, a terrier, unlike other breeds, are the dogs to keep up.
  • Loves humans, not so cool with other furred friends. Terriers need socializing with humans, because unlike other dogs, they’re prone to dash off. Once bonded, they often stick with their owners and sway from other dogs.
  • Happy and Charismatic. No other dog beats the terrier for exuberant antics like the terrier. There are some dogs you have to drag out of bed in the morning. You won’t have this problem with the terrier. A terrier is ready to start the day, often waking you up with morning licks. Always excited to see you, like all dogs, they will never fail to cheer you up after a hard day.
  • Variety. Terrier breeds are endless, from the Staffordshire Bull to the Australian Terrier. It’s insane, there’s a terrier for everyone. If you want a compact companion, consider the Yorkshire. Perhaps, tall and handsome, like your last tinder date, consider the Airedale. Nonetheless, with a wide range, from small and furry to stocky and short-haired, you’ll find the terrier for you.

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We don’t have to probe into why we’ve dedicated this Thursday to Terriers, or even why beloved actor Robin Williams found solace in these dogs. You can’t help but smile at these pups.

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