Rosetta Stone Dog Commands are back in time for International Dog Day 2020

Rosetta Stone Dog Commands. Image Courtesy Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone Dog Commands. Image Courtesy Rosetta Stone /

Rosetta Stone has brought back their multi-language dog commands program

In 2019, Rosetta Stone introduced a very special command program in honor of National Dog Day. And once again, it seems that the company is doing their part to celebrate dogs.

A press release from the company announced the return of the Rosetta Stone Dog Day offer for 2020, which gives pet owners a chance to not only learn a new language, but use that language to speak to your dogs. Basically, you can learn specific commands to get your dog to sit, stay, or come, and you can do this in over 10 languages.

This means that if you want to be able to train a dog in Italian, German, Spanish, or another language, you now can. So what exactly is Rosetta Stone offering for International Dog Day on Aug. 26?

Rosetta Stone lets you speak to your dog in other languages

Basically, they have created a special section of their website specifically for dog owners on National Dog Day. And that site lets you click on the command and hear it spoken in your chosen language. From there, you will want to practice in order to #BarkFluently.

Considering this is the second time that Rosetta Stone has offered to let us speak to our dogs in different languages, we can’t help but think this should be a permanent addition to their site. After all, this is the kind of inspiration we need to learn something new.

Personally, I can’t wait to learn some French to speak to a French Bulldog (I couldn’t resist). Although, I admit I am leaning towards learning the different commands in German so I have that under my belt as well.

I love how even a company like Rosetta Stone has gotten in on the dog love for International Dog Day, and hopefully plenty of people decide to learn a new language to speak with their pups.

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What do you think of learning commands for your dog in multiple languages? Which language are you going to learn to speak to your dog with? Tell us in the comments.