Jayson Tatum is paying tribute to the late Kobe Bryant courtesy of new French Bulldog puppy

Jayson Tatum names his new puppy after the late Kobe Bryant

When it comes to tributes to the late Kobe Bryant, the NBA has really done everything possible to keep the basketball legends memory alive. And the latest person to pay tribute to Bryant is actually Boston Celtics player, Jayson Tatum.

According to CBS Sports, while the Celtics might be one of the Lakers biggest rivals, this particular tribute is definitely one of the greatest (at least for us dog lovers). While Tatum never played against or even with Kobe Bryant, that doesn’t mean they didn’t know each other. In fact, while they never officially took the court together, they did develop a relationship thanks to the work that Tatum did with Bryant in the offseason.

So, how exactly is Jayson Tatum honoring Kobe Bryant with his new puppy?

Jayson Tatum names his new French Bulldog puppy, Bean

In a tweet from The Boston Globe’s Nicole Yang, we learned that the Celtics player was not only naming his new puppy Bean, but he is also getting the puppy from a breeder in Bryant’s home town of Philadelphia. And why is the name Bean a tribute to Kobe Bryant? If you didn’t know already, Bean was Bryant’s middle name. (I did not know this, so this was an interesting fact.)

This new puppy will join Tatum’s two other dogs, Deuces and Creed, who are both Boxers. And while he may not have his new fur baby, Bean, right now, it seems that he will join the family as soon as he hits eight weeks old. Apparently the pup will be driven up to Boston to join Tatum and his other dogs once he is old enough.

We love when celebrities bring home new pups, and we especially love when there is a great story attached to the adoption. This one certainly hits us in the feels and leaves us hoping that we get to see more of Bean and Jayson Tatum’s other pups as well.