Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez reveal the name of their new puppy

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have named their puppy

On June 11, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez shared a series of pictures with the newest member of their family – a Goldendoodle puppy. In the different posts shared to Instagram, the couple revealed that the new puppy was actually a gift to Lopez’s son, Max.

However, at the time that they introduced the puppy to the world, the Goldendoodle did not have a name yet. On the family picture that Rodriguez shared on his Instagram account, he revealed that it was a choice of two names – Tyson and Yankee (although he was going with Yankee Doodle).

And now it seems that the puppy officially has a name.

What did Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez name the new puppy?

Since introducing the Goldendoodle puppy on their Instagram accounts, the puppy himself was gifted with a social media account of his own. And on June 17, the puppy’s name was revealed on the social media account, as the name of the account was changed to incorporate his new moniker.

So what exactly did the family decide to name the puppy? After getting a lot of input from their followers, it seems that Max’s new Goldendoodle puppy has officially been given the name Tyson.

And while we are a bit bummed at the fact that Alex Rodriguez’s Yankee Doodle wasn’t chosen, we love the name Tyson too. In fact, we kind of love this name and think the idea of calling the Goldendoodle by the shortened name of Ty is pretty cute too.

Now that Tyson has a name, we are excited to see more posts on social media featuring this puppy and his antics. And considering the pups social media account has been rather active since he was introduced, we can only hope that keeps up as he grows up.

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What do you think of the name Tyson? Were you rooting for the name Yankee? Are you following the puppy’s social media account? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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