Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez introduce the world to their new puppy

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have a new puppy

We may be watching Jennifer Lopez on our screens this summer thanks to World of Dance, but we are much more excited by the fact that she and Alex Rodriguez have introduced a new member of their family.

In an Instagram post on June 11 which was shared to Rodriguez’s account, the couple introduced the world to the newest addition to the family, a Goldendoodle puppy! And it looks like this pup is a gift to Lopez’s son, Maximilian.

On Alex Rodriguez’s account, he shared an adorable family photo with both of their pups present. As the former MLBer pointed out, the new pup is super cute, but he definitely still needs a name.

Jennifer Lopez shared her own post featuring the new puppy

In the post on Lopez’s account, she shared a video of her son playing with the Goldendoodle puppy. And the singer also mentioned the fact that the puppy still needs a name.

According to both Instagram posts, the decision for the names is between “Tyson or Yankee Doodle.” (Although the Doodle seems to be Alex Rodriguez’s addition to the name.)

And it looks like the new puppy is already a social media star according to People Magazine, which revealed that the as-of-yet unnamed pup already has over 10,000 followers on its Instagram account.

On the pup’s Instagram, there are already pictures of the Goldendoodle with both his “dad,” Max and his “aunt,” Emme. And yes, both pictures are as adorable as you would expect, and it has just as much to do with the pups as it does the kids. (Also, we are here for the fact that the pup is calling Lopez grandmama!)

Considering Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been social distancing together with their blended family, it just seems fitting that they would add a new, furry member to the mix.

We can’t wait to learn what the family decides to name the puppy. Either choice seems rather fitting, but we might be a bit partial to Yankee Doodle.

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What do you think the family should name the puppy? Will you be following the puppy on his adventures on social media? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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