Jelly Belly is releasing dog shaped licorice in two flavors and summer is now complete

Jelly Belly is showing their appreciation for dogs with their new licorice shape

While our dogs may not be able to eat the same things that we do, that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a candy shaped like our pups. And thanks to the latest release from Jelly Belly, we can really show off our dog love in tasty style.

Thanks to Instagram foodie, Markie_devo, we learned about the new Scottie Dogs shaped Jelly Belly Licorice which will officially be released in August. These licorice bites come in both the traditional black licorice flavor, as well as a red flavor (which hasn’t been identified in terms of whether it is a strawberry or cherry flavor, which is a standard option for red licorice of course, at least in this post).

Scottie Dogs shaped Jelly Belly licorice flavors coming in August

So, where exactly can you get these dog shaped licorice bites? According to the Instagram post, they will be available both online and in select stores that carry the brand, which is great news because they should be pretty easy to snag, depending on how popular they end up being.

I admit that I am pretty excited by this release. While I don’t eat black licorice, I do enjoy red licorice flavors and the fact that these are shaped like Scottie Dogs makes these not just cute, but also a lot of fun to end summer with.

It is always fun when companies offer us a chance to share our dog love in new ways, and what better way is there to show off our love for all things dog-themed than with candy? Okay, maybe there are better ways, but this is definitely a tasty one!

What do you think of Jelly Belly releasing Scottie Dogs shaped licorice? Will you be grabbing bags of these? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.