Chris Evans dog Dodger is getting surgery on his hip

Chris Evans dog (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)
Chris Evans dog (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images) /

Chris Evans dog Dodger is getting surgery here pretty soon.

Chris Evans dog Dodger is getting surgery here pretty soon, according to a recent tweet from the Captain America actor.

He announced the news via a post around noon on Wednesday, July 15.

But before a new surgery comes a haircut, of course (and thankfully Evans left it to the pros this time).

“Next week he’s getting a shiny new hip! It’ll be a long recovery, but I have a feeling this champ is gonna cruise,” Evans wrote in the caption accompanying the photo.

It’s unclear exactly what the reasoning behind Dodger’s needing hip surgery is, as he’s only around five years old, but as a rescue dog, there could have been trauma before his adoption.

According to the magazine The Bark, Evans picked up Dodger late in the filming of his 2017 movie Gifted, where he played a man taking care of his genius-level niece (Mckenna Grace). One of the scenes took place at a shelter, which meant that the dogs used were not actor dogs, but actual shelter dogs in need of adoption.

Since then, they’ve been pretty much inseparable outside of work, though Dodger has wondering why Dad’s at home all the time nowadays because of the pandemic.

At least while waiting to fully heal, Dodger will be able to watch his namesake ball team on TV now that the 2020 Major League Baseball season will take place.

Unfortunately, though the Los Angeles Dodgers are using cardboard cutouts of fans since they can’t have people in the stands, pet fans will not be allowed, which is a major bummer and no fun at all.

This news comes from a Twitter account run by Rally Cat, an OTRB kitty Dodgers fan, and came to to our attention here at Dog O’Day through a retweet by @MLBPets.

We hope Dodger will be able to rest up here this upcoming week, and that the surgery and his recovery go well.

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