Brec Bassinger revealed that her dog watches Stargirl and now we need a pup cameo

Brec Bassinger’s dog watches her on Stargirl

On July 7, Brec Bassinger took to Twitter to live tweet the latest episode of Stargirl on The CW. The episode, titled “Shiv Part 2,” was an epic episode in many ways, and made it clear that at least one villain now knows Stargirl’s real identity. However, it wasn’t the live tweeting or even the awesome action of the episode that drew us in.

What we were enamored with was the revelation that Bassinger’s dog, Sage, is a fan of the show. And how do we know that Sage is a fan of Stargirl? Not only did we get to see pictures of the pup watching the show, but the actress also revealed that her dog watches every episode with the family.

Brec Bassinger’s pup is a Stargirl fan

In the tweet posted to Bassinger’s Twitter account, we get to see four different pictures of Sage enjoying an episode of Stargirl. And we even learned who the pup’s favorite character is, and it’s not Brec Bassinger’s character.

So who does Sage seem to be enamored with the most? Maybe a bit surprisingly, the pup is a Wildcat fan! However, we are totally here for this pairing. And speaking of pairing Sage with Wildcat, we think it might be the perfect time for us to request a cameo appearance of Bassinger’s pup.

Honestly, there is a sad lack of animals in this series, and we think a dog would be a great addition to the superhero team up. Maybe a pup would keep Stargirl and her friends out of trouble. And if that pup just happened to be Sage, we wouldn’t be upset by that cameo at all.

Whether or not a dog makes an appearance in Stargirl, we love knowing that Brec Bassinger’s pup is a fan of the show. And now we can take comfort in the fact that we are watching along with Sage every week.

What do you think of having a pup cameo in Stargirl? Do you think a dog would be a good addition to the Justice Society of America? Tell us what you think in the comments.