Dry Shampoo for Dogs is the latest trend with the help of The Spruce

The Spruce Dry Shampoo for Dogs. Image Courtesy The Spruce
The Spruce Dry Shampoo for Dogs. Image Courtesy The Spruce /

The Spruce introduces new pet care trend with dry shampoo

Whether you found keeping your pup clean while stay at home orders were in place difficult, or you are just pressed for time, you may be looking for ways to care for your pet at home. And what better way to groom your pup quickly is there than dry shampoo?

Thanks to The Spruce, we can now make grooming at home a breeze. According to a Press Release from the company on June 9, The Spruce has launched a new pet care line that includes both grooming products and waterless pet care.

As a fan of dry shampoo for my own hair, this is actually pretty exciting. Not only does this make it a bit easier to keep our pup’s looking and smelling fresh, but we don’t have to worry about the drama that goes along with an actual bath.

More about The Spruce’s dry shampoo for dogs

dry shampoo
The Spruce Dry Shampoo for Dogs. Image Courtesy The Spruce /

Made in the United States, this product is made by using pet-safe fragrances and even essential oils. These waterless pet wash products come in three scents: Fresh, Lavender, and Oatmeal.

Not only will this dry shampoo clean your pup’s coat and skin, but it will also moisturize it as well, which is always important. And we are here for something that is a dual purpose product for grooming.

According to the General Manager of The Spruce, Mélanie Berliet, “We know that our readers’ pets are like family, so they want the best, safest and most convenient products to care for them. We are thrilled to share The Spruce pet care collection to help simplify how our readers care for both their pets and home.”

If you are looking to give this new dry shampoo for dogs a try, you can snag it from Amazon, which is definitely convenient. And the fact that you can grab this waterless wash for just $11.99 per bottle makes it feel like a bit of a steal (especially if you have been taking your pup to be groomed on a monthly basis).

Honestly, we can’t wait to grab a bottle or two of this dry shampoo and give it a try.

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What do you think of The Spruce launching a line of dry shampoo for our pets? Will you be giving this product a try? Tell us what you think in the comments.