Jenga-playing Golden Retriever impresses in viral video

Jenga-playing Golden Retriever (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)
Jenga-playing Golden Retriever (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images) /

A Jenga-playing Golden Retriever has made quite the impression on TikTok.

A Jenga-playing Golden Retriever has made quite the impression on TikTok this week’s doggo-centric viral video.

This news was earlier reported by PopSugar, and the video comes from a user named Kevin Bubolz, who runs an account called @GoldenRetrieverLife.

Though it’s true, she didn’t quite play according to the rules, stacking the Jenga blocks into a tall tower on her head is very impressive as well. She was holding so still you could attempted to play a game right off her noggin, which is crazy.

And the balance needed is similar to the highly-trained trick dogs of the Facebook Watch TV series World’s Most Amazing Dog, which we covered last year.

This was part of something called the “Level Up Challenge,” with the music being a song called “Level Up” by Ciara. (She’s a hip-hop/R&B singer who is married to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.)

As we’re not that well-versed in TikTok, we’re not sure what the Level Up Challenge is, but PopSugar says this video has already racked up over a hundred thousand views, which is pretty impressive.

In another adorable video also covered by PopSugar recently, an Iowa dog named Willow, who looks like a kind of German Shepherd mix, dove into the bathtub in order to be close to her little human.

She then splashed around in the bubbles for a while, which more than half a million viewers on Facebook have watched.

That’s pretty amazingly cute, although slightly annoying as well – Mom would have had to dry off wet dog fur after she got her son all dried off and dressed up. Pets can be the best and the worst sometimes, as Dog O’Day staff cat/editorial assistant Rags often wants to sit between my fingers and the laptop keyboard while writing.

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