National Puppy Day: New York Islanders share a thread of puppy kisses to celebrate

On Twitter, the New York Islanders have decided to join in on the National Puppy Day festivities. And they are using puppy kisses to do it!

It’s National Puppy Day and what better way to spend it than getting puppy kisses? How about watching puppies kiss other people? Over on Twitter, the New York Islanders decided to share the love and created a thread of puppies kissing people and we are here for it.

The level of cuteness can not be quantified, as every single tweet in the thread was enough to have us saying “awwww.”

We are talking about adults and children getting puppy kisses and not only that, but some of these puppies are clearly fans of the New York Islanders. (Actually, with Twitter content like this, I might just be a fan of the Islanders myself.)

There is never not a good time to watch puppies doing adorable things. And when you see them offering their unconditional love, you can’t help but smile.

A mini thread of puppies kisses for National Puppy Day seems like the perfect treat, especially for New York Islanders fans. After all, we all know these puppies are going to grow up to be hockey pups! (Or maybe that is just us projecting.)

Seriously though, if you want something lighthearted and fun to not only watch, but that also make you smile, then today is definitely the day to check out the Islanders’ Twitter account.

Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of hockey, the puppies are enough for us. And really, this just makes me want more puppy kisses videos and gifs. In fact, I would love it if the Islanders would share even more posts like this to help get us through the rest of the month.

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Do you love puppy kisses as much as we do? What do you think of this mini thread from the New York Islanders? Do you want to see more of this kind of content? Let us know in the comments.