This dog sings along to the Law and Order: SVU theme song and we are here for it

If you’re bored, the Dogs of Instagram might be the perfect solution. It’s how we found this awesome pup who sings along to Law and Order: SVU!

Are you looking for a bit of entertainment to make you smile? Then you may want to check out the Dogs of Instagram for a little inspiration. After all, you may just come across a pup singing along to the Law and Order: SVU theme song.

And if that sounded oddly specific, it is because it is. Over on Instagram, there is a pup named Odafin or Fin T. Schultz, who happens to be a fan of the Law and Order franchise or at the very least, the theme song for SVU.

In a post that has been shared by PopSugar, as well as viewed over 8,000 times, we get the chance to watch Fin sing along to the Law and Order: SVU theme song. And he really is singing right along.

From pausing perfectly for emphasis, to modulating his tone, it is clear that Fin has watched a lot of Law and Order. And we are definitely okay with this since it give us something fun to watch ourselves.

Of course, while we are totally here for Fin’s appreciation for SVU, that’s not all his Instagram account has to offer. In fact, this is definitely a social media account you will want to follow if you need a smile or two.

From getting his teeth on a plastic hanger, to asking for his mom to google squirrels, it is clear that this pup is quite the character. And we love every second of it.

This is the kind of wholesome doggy content we love, and we have certainly become instant fans of Fin. We can’t wait to see what he gets up to next, and you never know, maybe he will learn a new theme song to serenade us with.

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What do you think of Fin’s ability to sing along with the SVU theme song? Do you know of any other talented pups like Fin that you think we should be featuring? Let us know in the comments below.

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