Dallas is hosting a giant art in the park festival that your pup is invited to attend

Photo: Dallas skyline.. Image by Kimberley Spinney
Photo: Dallas skyline.. Image by Kimberley Spinney /

Dallas is hosting a giant art in the park festival on March 14, and we think this might be the perfect way to spend a Saturday with your pup in tow.

Are you looking for a dog-friendly experience in Dallas this weekend? Then this whimsical art installation from the Figment Project might be the perfect solution.

According to Narcity, on March 14 Dallas will be hosting a giant art in the park festival that features 30 different artistic creations. This art in the park event will take place at Reverchon Park on Maple Avenue and will run from 10 A.M. to 11 P.M.

And what makes this festival so fun is the fact that your furry friends are invited to join you. That’s right, while this might be an artistic festival with giant works of art, it is also open to everyone, including your furry family members.

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Not only do you get to enjoy the work of some highly talented individuals, but you get to do it with your pup at your side.

This is a free event and pictures are not only welcome, but highly encouraged. In fact, think of this as an outdoor museum with art you can share with the world.

Apparently the Figment Project is encouraging a more participatory event, with people being told that they should really enjoy the art installations. They want people to immerse themselves in the work, and that includes taking plenty of pictures and selfies.

And what better time is there to take a bunch of pictures of your dog than at an art in the park event? This is the perfect time to boost your dog’s social media presence with the help of massive art exhibits.

We love when we can bring our pup to events like this and we hope to see more festivals popping up that let us bring our fur babies with us.

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How do you feel about being able to bring your pup to an art in the park event like this? Would you even want to bring your pup along for the ride? Tell us what you think in the comments.