Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin has partnered with the Westminster Dog Show for a special cocktail and there’s a YouTube video

Ryan Reynolds is back at it with his Aviation Gin, and this time he has partnered with the Westminster Dog Show for a special cocktail.

Remember when Ryan Reynolds bought into a Gin company? Well it seems like that might have been a great decision, at least for all of us. And the reason why is because of the amazing opportunities that it affords us to appreciate the actor’s brand of humor while also promoting Aviation Gin.

In his latest Aviation Gin promotion, it seems that the company (along with Reynolds) have teamed up with the Westminster Dog Show. Thanks to an epic video posted to YouTube, we get to see Ryan Reynolds entering the Westminster Dog Show with his own “Best in Show.”

So what exactly is the actor entering in one of the most prestigious dog shows around? Well Aviation Gin of course. And yes, he is literally running into the ring with a bottle of Aviation Gin on a leash!

As part of this interesting partnership, it seems that a very special cocktail has been created for the show called “The Sensation.” In the description of the video (which we watched multiple times), Reynolds states, “Proud to announce Aviation and the Westminster Dog Show have partnered fur a new cocktail.” And under that is the recipe for the special cocktail.

In order to make this Westminster ready cocktail you obviously need a bottle of Aviation Gin, plus lemon juice, blackberries, simple syrup, and a lemon peel.

To make “The Sensation,” take two ounces of Gin, 3/4 ounces of lemon juice, 3/4 ounces of simple syrup, five blackberries muddled, and shake with ice. Strain this mixture into a Martini glass or even a Coupe, and then garnish it with the lemon peel.

While this drink certainly sounds easy enough to make, it also sounds elegant and refined, just like the Westminster Dog Show, making this a perfect pairing all around.

We may have to give this cocktail a try while we watch the many dogs taking part in the Westminster Dog Show showing off their skills.

Check out Ryan Reynolds showcasing Aviation Gin in “Best in Show” below:

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What do you think of Aviation Gin partnering with the Westminster Dog Show on a special cocktail? Will you be trying “The Sensation” for yourself? And will you be watching the Westminster Dog Show? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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