Coors Light offering to pay $100 towards dog adoption fees for 1,000 people

Are you looking to adopt a dog in time for Valentine’s Day? Well Coors Light wants to help offset the cost of those adoption fees.

Forget having a human as your Valentine this year. Coors Light wants to make this year all about the dogs. And that means offering to help pay the adoption fees for up to 1,000 rescues.

According to USA Today, Coors Light issued a press release in which they revealed as the “official beer of skipping cuffing season,” they are looking to help people bring home a new pup for less out-of-pocket.

From Feb. 4 until Feb 21., the company will be paying $100 for the first 1,000 dogs that are adopted. Of course, as with any giveaway like this are some rules and limitations.

If you live in West Virginia, Virginia, Texas, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and California, you are not eligible for the $100 adoption fee. You must also be of legal drinking age to try to claim the adoption fee.

So what’s the goal of this giveaway? Well that’s easy, Coors Light wants people to bring home a dog in need and enjoy Valentine’s Day with one of their beers and a furry companion. It seems like a win-win to us.

Wondering how to claim your $100 adoption fee? That’s pretty easy too. “In order to receive the money, participants can text “COORS4k9″ and a picture of the adoption receipt to 28130.” Your text will be reviewed and the first 1,000 people get the money to help offset their adoption fees.

Seriously, Coors Light is the real MVP of Valentine’s Day this year. Hopefully with this offer on the table more people will head to the shelter and find a fur baby to give a home to. And maybe we will see more than 1,000 dogs getting a new home in time for Valentine’s Day.

What do you think of this offer to pay the adoption fees for shelter pups from Coors Light? Do you think more companies should do promotions like this? Tell us what you think in the comments.