All about dog love this Valentine’s Day

Photo: Ovie the Bulldog and Bark-Andre Furry.. Image Courtesy Rick Williams
Photo: Ovie the Bulldog and Bark-Andre Furry.. Image Courtesy Rick Williams /

We’re all about the dog love this Valentine’s Day.

We’re all about dogs here at Dog O’Day, so dog love is obviously the best part of Valentine’s Day (though the on-sale candy afterwards is also pretty great).

The folks at think that way, which is why they released a new report called “The Anatomy of Dog Love” the other day.

Like humans, dogs also have five love languages they use – touch, gazing, emotional connection, body language and facial expressions.

Rover reports that 71 percent of people who see their significant other take care of their dog well feel more attracted to them, while 56 percent of couples who adopt a dog together spend more time together because of that (which makes sense, working towards a common goal in teaching basic skills and commands like housebreakingsitting and playing fetch).

What’s more, two-thirds of people in relationships feel like a dog increases their confidence in the parenting skills of both themselves and their partner, and 86 percent of couples with a dog feel more like a family.. (This makes sense, as it could be seen as a practice run before having kids. The terms “dog mom” and “pet parent” are still a little cringey, though.)

One in four dog owners plan to take their pup on a date on Valentine’s Day this year, which sounds like a fantastic plan; most of the time you already know your dog likes you, unlike dates with humans.

62 percent of people plan on purchasing a Valentine’s dog gift, and one-third of those will spend about the same amount on their dog as they spend on their partner. (This sounds excessive on the surface, but then considering that most of these dog owners are probably rather young and broke, it seems more reasonable.)

57 percent of dog owners doing something canine-related for Valentine’s Day plan on going to a dog park, and almost 70 percent plan on getting their pup a favorite treat.

Finally, for the humans, having a dog in the profile picture on your dating profile makes potential matches 72 percent more likely to look further into your info, though if it turns out that the dog was borrowed from your cousin or something like that, about one-third of people would change their minds about going out.

There are even dating apps designed specifically for dog lovers, with the alpha dog among that pack being Dig.

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Are you planning on doing anything to show your dog love this Valentine’s Day?