Men in Black’s Frank the Pug hits up Walmart in Super Bowl LIV commercial

Photo: Walmart "Famous Visitors" Super Bowl ad.. Image Courtesy Walmart
Photo: Walmart "Famous Visitors" Super Bowl ad.. Image Courtesy Walmart /

Even Frank the Pug from Men in Black needs to do a little shopping now and then, and during Super Bowl LIV, the pup hit up Walmart for coffee.

Walmart had some “Famous Visitors” stopping by to get their shopping done in their Super Bowl LIV commercial. And while there were plenty of characters and aliens that we could give our attention to, we are all about the dogs (and other animals) here at Dog O’Day. So of course, when we saw Frank the Pug pop up, we were thrilled.

You can’t have aliens shopping at Walmart without including Frank the Pug and the worm guys. And of course, the fact that these aliens and Frank were making a trip to pick up coffee seemed especially fitting.

While many people tune into the Super Bowl for the big game and the half time show, for others it is all about the commercials. And I admit that I am here for the commercials (at least when my team isn’t playing).

Although dog representation seemed to be lacking in 2020, at least we got a cameo from Men in Black’s resident pug and friends. And the fact that he appeared to be the chauffeur for his alien buddies was a super cute homage to the movies.

Walmart definitely gave us one of the more fun commercials of the night with all of their famous visitors. And all of the cameos were about giving us a blend of nostalgia with recent favorites, but for us it was all about Frank.

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What did you think of the Walmart Super Bowl commercial this year? Who was your favorite famous visitor? Which commercial was your favorite this year? Tell us what you think in think in the comments.